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CEO Message

Our goal is making customer successful and making our company trustful!

Witnessing the rise and fall of many corporations, we learned that the most important asset for the company is setting the values of customers and investors as the highest priority in working principles by management team.

We believe our technology and products can only be recognized through the success of our customers. We also understand that we can only enhance our products and advance to the next level through successful customer outcomes.

Even the latest new technology or the business model can be failed, if it doesn't meet the important customer requirements. We strongly believe in focusing on actual customer needs. And, only the best technology based on that needs could bring the successful results to the customers.

Finance All Solutions team is organized by many internet financial experts in Korea. Our individuals have extensive planning, development, and operation experiences in the field of, Internet stock trading system, Internet banking system, and Finance portal system. Our team members are also experienced in working with various international customers including Japan and Taiwan.

Finance All Solutions believes that contribution from each employee is the key for the success of the company and we will do our best to create a productive working environment with open management system within the company.

Our holding company, SBI Group continues to create new financial business models with online system utilizing existing infrastructure and network of business units within the group for more synergy effect. As the member of the group, Finance All Solutions provides its advanced technology solution and creative new business models to enhance the business development of the group.

Based on our experience and knowledge obtained from the high-quality standard customers of Japan and fast-paced environment in Korea, we will develop the internationally competitive solutions and products. And, we will put all our efforts to complete your business with a success.

Thank you.

Finance All Solutions CEO Jang Jeong Yeol