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Finance All Solutions

Converging Finance and Beyond.

FA Solution, Inc., has been continuously growing by providing customers with comprehensive IT solutions, business models and system building services across the financial industry.

Our Vision

Our goal is todevelop new solutions and business models based on the financial business and IT solutions and to be an enterprise which creates new value for individuals and enterprises.

One’s entire life from the time of birth till death cannot be separated from the finance. In this regard, based on the financial sector which cannot be ruled out of human life, we’d like to create solutions that make individual lives and business new and better.


FAS strives to achieve its vision with strategies of “Multiplayers equipped with expertise”,“Integration of various expertise” and “Customer-oriented thinking and practice”.

  • Multiplayers equipped with expertise

    All FAS employees are truly qualified professionals retaining their own expertise and open mind beyond a generalist.

  • Integration of various expertise

    FAS never stays at a unitary knowledge but creates a new value by integrating the accumulated experiences and expertisein various financial business with the excellent competence of IT solutions.

  • Customer-oriented thinking and practice

    FAS always concentrates on customers’ demand and also does its best to implement the customer-oriented thinking and practice on the basis of master mind spirit and responsibility in order to maximize the customer’s value.

Company summary

Company Name Finance All Solutions Co., Ltd.
Year Found May, 2004
CEO Jang Jeong Yeol
address #418~419,, Seonyu-ro 3-gil 10, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07285, Korea
TEL +82-2-3274-1646~7, Fax: +82-2-3273-1644