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Smart Channel Integrated Platform

Smart Channel Integrated Platform is IBM MFPF Integrated Development Platform which makes develop/operate new type of application available and realizes UX optimization with less cost and time. With only Build-operation of Integrated Development Environment(IDE, MFPF Studio) provided by IBM MFPF, web-based service page can be distributed and operated on various OS systems and environments without any further work.

Features of Smart Channel Integrated Platform

Conceptual diagram for 'One Source Multi Use'

Features of Smart Channel Integrated Platform

By release of various mobile devices and platforms of nonstandard, it is inevitable to adopt MEAP(Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) to resolve complicated and application development and test.

Multi-channel construction is available with only one application

Various service of mobile channel can be developed and optimized at once.

iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Flexibility of channel expansion

Construction expansion is available without changing entire frame in the future

Mobile, Desktop Wigets, Social Networks, Blog
FIncreased efficiency of service management

One service on various channels can be managed simultaneously.

  • Establishing strategy is available regardless of number of channels
  • Active response to client requirements for each channels
Built in combined Backend system

Easy and fast approach to existing infra on combined processsimultaneously.

  • Fast approach to information for each process
  • Optimized performance of Backend system
  • Simple construction for channel expansion

IBM MFPF Architecture

Ensure Mobile service deployment and Stable performance “IBM MFPF Architecture”

IBM MFPF Solution(Integrated Development Platform) consists of 4 components: MFPF Studio, MFPF Server, Device Runtime Component, MFPF Console. And We guarantee to provide several feature & stable service for reducing the develop cost and fast respond to market demands and reliable service.

UI Component

Ensure efficiency and scalability of UI/UX Development.

Easy to develop application based on UI Component for screen development

UI Component
  • Button
  • Busy Indicator
    Busy Indicator
  • Toggle
  • Slider
Native Module Interface
  • AR
  • Map
  • Date Picker
    Date Picker
  • Camera View
    Camera View


fPNS(FAS Push Notification Service)

fPNS(FAS Push Notification Service) provides the easiest method to implement Push Notification by optimized MFPF Integrated Development Platform.

fPNS Client ios applies APNS(Apple Push Notification Service), does not provide a separate Agent
Push Agent (Android Only)
  • Client Program for receive only Push message
  • Application is composed independently, runs as background regardless of application start
Push Client Library
  • Implements to register Push Service & receive message easily
  • Available for ios & Android
fPNS Server
Push Gateway
  • Transmit from Push messages that generated by the server-side to the user's device
  • Composed in engine which is responsible for device information management & transferring the message and admin which manages Push service
Push Initiator Library
  • This service provided for pushing from existing server systems of acquired/generated messages through Push Gateway
  • It provides JAVA based
※ Push Notification
Function(feature) which receive and display the push message from server, even if application does not run from mobile device.

fPNS feature

fPNS feature

fPNS Architecture

fPNS Architecture

Application reflect plan

With the minimum of work, provides a standardized structure which applies Push Notification.

Application reflect plan

Push Adminstration

Analysis/Statistics reports
  • Push transmission status per application.
  • Push transmission status per OS(Android,iOS)
  • Push transmission status per term
  • Report statistics&analysis(Excel)
Message sending feature
  • Send Push messages(notification,etc.) directly(send on-Demand messages)
  • Send messages reserved Specific date/time.
  • Support group selection feature for sending subject.
Device Status
  • Registered device status for Push Service
  • Deregistered status for Push Service(Deregistered Subscription)
  • Make inquiries push message failure devices
System Monitoring & Configuration
  • Push Service Monitoring
  • Push data log configuration management
  • Configuration management.

Smart Academics System

Smart Academics System

  • For students class registration and academic information
    • Basic information including personal information, leave of absence/returning to school, personal information management, etc.
    • Class registration information such as classes, individual timetable check, etc.
    • Scholarship, semester registration, grade/volunteering, etc
  • For professors classes and works related to school
    • Personalized lecture schedule, lecture description by department, etc.
    • Course evaluation check by professor
    • Faculty information search

Smart Academic Information System Details

For students
  • Personal information management
    • College register status
    • Personal information check/change
    • Changed register status information check
  • Class information check
    • Course history by semester
    • User UX customized class schedule
    • Real-time alert of changed schedule
  • Registration and grade check
    • Scholarships
    • Tuition installment submission and check
    • Grade check
    • Volunteering hours management
For professors
  • Class information check
    • Information of course and lecture type by professor
    • User UX customized class schedule
    • Course check by class or by school year
  • Course evaluation check
    • Evaluation report by semester or by course
    • Rate of participation, total score, average grade, and other details
    • Information of average of evaluation and ranks
Common Service
  • Library
    • Check the borrowed books and available materials
    • New items check
    • Feature to search reference
  • Bulletin Board
    • Faculty information including phone numbers
    • Recruit bulletin board
    • Notice by college

Mobile Electronic Receipt

What is Mobile Electronic Receipt(MER)?

This is so called, Green Business which replaces the paper receipts currently used with the smart receipts (electronic receipts) and is also expected to have good effects such as cost reduction for paper, receipt-related accident prevention, and environment conservation.

What is Mobile Electronic Receipt?

Expected effects of Mobile Electronic Receipt

Expected effects of Mobile Electronic Receipt


Lotte Card Smart Lotte

Smart Lotte application was ranked the first among card companies of the 2011 KSSAI, which was implemented with the MEAP-based consolidated platform for the first time in the financial sector.

※ Application for customers providing Lotte card membership service and card service together

  • Project Information
    Duration of building
    2010 ~ February 2011
    Service Launch
    March 2011
  • Major Features
    The first MEAP-based mobile service in the financial sector
    Service Based on LBS & Augumented Reality
    This makes customers find the closest member store right away from where they are
    Link freely to other solutions
    Other solutions such as authentication certificate, security keyboard, section coding, etc. are freely linked with this application.

Application for Lotte Card member store sales assistance

The application for Lotte Card member store sales assistance is implemented the specialized services for CPs(Credit Planner) and marketers with the MEAP-based platform of IBM MFPF.

※ Application for internal users to assist Lotte Card CPs(Credit Planner) and marketers

  • Project Information
    Duration of building
    August 2011 ~ November 2011
    Service Launch
    November 2011
  • Major Features
    The MEAP-based sales activity assistance mobile service
    Both IOS and Android are supported due to the consolidated platform
    Location-based service for member store search
    This makes users find the closest member store right away from where they are. (Map search)
    Various features and content
    Various features including notes, calendar, finding customers, etc. and the UI are provided.

Application for Daegu Health College Academic Information

This application is a consolidated one for all students, faculties, administrator, and the president of Daegu Health College to use conveniently.

※ The consolidated academic information system with all features for students and faculties

  • Project Information
    Duration of building
    November 2011~February 2012
    Service Launch
    March 2012
  • Major Features
    Partition of service menu by user group
    Different service items are provided on the menu according to the user group such as faculty, student, administrator, the president.
    Various interfaced system
    Various interfaces such as web service, frame work, DB, etc. are applied
    Specialized feature and content for academics
    Various features including time table check, faculty search, borrowed books search, etc. are provided.

Shinsegye Electronic Wallet Application

This is an app which issues electronic receipts through NFC or Push service after payment and provides some features for marketing including special offers, issuing certificates and coupons.

※ The system which provides the department store customers with the mobile credit card payment method through NFC and information about electronic receipts, coupons, certificates through Push alerts.

  • Project Information
    Duration of building
    January 2012 ~ May 2012
    Service Launch
    June 2012
  • Major Features

    Making a payment through mobile credit card and saving points via NFC

    Notice of issuing electronic receipts, certificates and coupons through Push feature
    Cost for paper can be reduced due to the electronic receipts.
    Various interfaced system
    Various interfaces such as web service, frame work, DB, etc. are applied.